Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fits of Rage

If you were to ask me, hey Jackson how are you feeling? I would calmly reply: I'm feeling furious. I am furious for numerous reasons. Last night I went cosmic bowling. I am not furious about cosmic bowling but i am furious that I didn't bowl over 100 in either game. I am also furious that my friends think I clench my butt when I walk. Obviously I don't. I am furious that Frank Gore left the game early today and my fantasy team is playing horribly. I am furious that the sun is not shining today. When the sun is not shining it makes me want to tear my clothing and yell scurvy! I am furious that my mom threw out a bunch of my underwear before I left for college. I am furious that Canada is still a country and that they are defended by mounties. I am furious that kids think my brother is my twin. I am furious that I can't just dance. I am furious because of racial descrimination. Chocolate rain made me cross the street today. I am furious that Nickelback hasn't had their plane go down yet. I am furious that I don't own a personal jet. I am furious that 10% of all living animals are stinging insects.