Friday, September 25, 2009

Making an Appearance

Today is a friday and I had two classes today. Make that three but i only went to two. I have noticed a similar trend in these classes in that I was tardy for both of them. Yes, tardiness has become fashionable for me. Not in the sense that I woke up too late, I couldn't get my paper printed at the library in time, or that I fell in a bermese tiger trap while walking across campus. No, I have been late to class because I realized that it gives me a certain flair. Most students arrive to class about five days early, I mean minutes. They sit there and think about stuff like, "I can't wait for my hot date tonite." or "I wish I were still in bed sleeping." or "I forgot to put my deoderant on." or "I forgot to take my insulin." Just thoughts like that. I would rather not have those five minutes to think about all those thoughts that don't prepare me for class. Class is something that one has to pour themself into. Like Andrew Smith pours himself into poofing his jew fro each morning, one must pour themself into preparation for class. I like to spend those first few minutes of class not there. Then about five minutes in, maybe fifteen in, bam! there I am. Strolling casually into class after it started. I like being late to class because it gets me mentally prepared, and also because everyone turns and watches me walk in all cool like. It's another way of saying, I'm kind of a big deal. I like to walk the isle to my seat and say stuff like "don't look at me, don't look at me" real casually and cool just to impress kids, the way Mariah Carey says it before her song, Beautiful, and then maybe wink at a few ladies. Then I am right ready for class and I learn 1,000x more than anyone else.

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  1. jackson...not like i actually listen to that...but isn't it christina aguilera who sings beautiful?