Friday, October 2, 2009

Would you rather

There are things in life that are not necessarily good things, but all in all, they are not really the worst things ever. For example: lukewarm cappuccino, a rainy day, provocative male dancing, holey socks, holey underwear, etc. Something else I would like to add to that list is attractive female stalkers. I won't lie, I can think of things a lot worse than that. Being burned at the stake, having a severe rash on ones genitals, face planting on a garden spade sticking straight up, getting trampled by a riotting mob. My friend Kyle is currently experiencing a stalking (by phone and facebook videos) of some longing ladies. They dig him like a shovel digs dirt. I can't blame them. Though Kyle has no personal interest in any of these young lasses, It is no secret that he is quite amused. All in all, I'd rather have a foxy female that I have no interest in treat me like a Greek god than have each of my limbs severed with a rusty razor.